POSITIVE Root Therapy + Onion Shampoo Rs.629 – Amazon

POSITIVE Root Therapy + Onion Shampoo Rs.629 – Amazon

Rs. 629 Rs. 1,299

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HOW DOES THE POSITIVE ROOT THERAPY PLUS ONION SHAMPOO FOR HAIR GROWTH BENEFIT YOU? For Years Red Onion has been known as a great source of Sulfur. Sulfur is found within amino acids, which are components of Keratin. Keratin is known to be sulfur-rich are needed for growing strong hair. When added...

POSITIVE Root Therapy + Onion Shampoo Rs.629 – Amazon.

  • 1. ✔ ANTI HAIR FALL SHAMPOO, STRENGTHENS HAIR: The Positive Root Therapy Plus Onion Shampoo for Hair growth has some un-forgetting refreshing Smell particularly induced in it which is indeed the most important ingredient to help you flaunt your voluminous hair and frizz free hair. Onions are rich in sulfur which helps in strengthening your hair, it is a natural source of Quentin, a powerful anti-oxidant that protects and repairs the health of our Strong hai. The Positive Root Therapy Plus Onion
  • 2. ✔ SLES, PARABEN AND SULPHATE FREE: The best things are present in the nature itself. Isn’t that true? We feel that too! The Positive Root Therapy Plus Onion Shampoo for Hair Fall is indeed one of the best harmful chemical free shampoos which seeks to get deep into your hair follicles and strengthens them like never before. This especially formulated Red Onion Shampoo for Hair Growth adds on to your Hair Volume and leaves a shine without leaving any indirect implications.
  • 3. ✔ The Positive Root Therapy Plus- Red Onion Oil is enriched wih the goodness of onion extracts and works as an active ingredient in the process of Hair Growth. This Onion oil for hair regrowth, is a miracle when it comes to deeply penetrating into the Hair Follicles and makes sure that the rich content of this oil, is absorbed properly.
  • 4. ✔ This Onion Oil for Hair Growth is rich in Amino Acid, which promotes Hair Growth. Sulphur is also a component which is present in Keratin (our scalp) as a natural component. On regular usage of this Onion Hair Oil for Hair Growth, the scalp, becomes extremely rich in sulphur and other essential amino acids, which will boost our Hair growth.
  • 5. ✔ The Positive Root Therapy Plus – Red Onion Oil promotes Hair Growth and Penetrates deep into the scalp, strengthens the roots, stops Hairfall, clears your clogged dandruff. Not just this, the numerous Anti Microbial and Anti fungal properties ensures that the Hairfall is is just controlled, but is also stopped.

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